Music Lessons Online
--------------------------------------------------------- Updated 5/23/11

You can now study guitar, mandolin or banjo with me online.

Though I still prefer face-to-face interactions, lessons via Skype
can be useful for those who live far away and/or don't have access
to instructors near them.

Here's what you need to get started:

~ A computer with a built-in or external video camera & microphone.
--(All iMacs & MacBooks have both built in. If not, peripheral companies
--like Logitech make external USB units.)

~ The Skype software up and running on your computer.
--(Skype makes it easy to verify that everything is up and running:
-- the first Contact listed in your account is a Free Test call for audio;
-- and if you click on the Video tab in Preferences it will show you what
-- your camera is showing.)


~ We arrange a lesson time via email

~ You send me your Skype account name and email the PayPal fee
to confirm the lesson. (Please do this at the time the lesson is booked.)

~ I call Skype you at the agreed upon time to initiate the session.
--(You avoid early onset Alzheimer's with the added brain stimulation
-- that music learning provides).

$60 for an hour lesson; or—for beginners—35-minutes for $40.

You want to have a way to record what we've covered in the lesson.
We usually spend the last few minutes of lessons to taping what we've done.
--(This can be as simple as having a cassette recorder next to your computer's speakers
-- or aiming a video camera at your monitor. There's also some excellent 'audio capture'
-- software available (like Audio Hijack Pro [Mac] or CaptureWizPro [PC]) that will let
-- you record an audio file directly from Skype.)

Free Test
I offer a free 5-minute Skype chat to anyone considering lessons so you
can try out the system before committing.

Internet Connection Issue
Video interactions requires a lot of bandwidth. Most post dial-up
connections can handle this—but if someone else in your household
is also online at the same time that can cause problems.

Instruments & Styles Taught
--GUITAR flatpicking and fingerpicking
--MANDOLIN & MANDOLA folk, bluegrass & Irish
--BANJO bluegrass, clawhammer & Irish (tenor banjo)

24 Hour Cancellation/Reschedule Policy
I require 24 hours notice to cancel or change the date of a lesson without charge.
(ps I don't mind occasional short-notice requests to alter the time of a lesson
on a given day; if I can do it I will. Otherwise the 24 hour rule applies.)

See you in my monitor.


. for some information on my approach to teaching see my
-----Lessons/Workshops page